No doubt you've heard Robert Burns' well known love songs like "My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose" , "Ae Fond Kiss" and "Ye Banks and Braes" They are great songs which achieve the perfect blend of music and poetry. But what about some of his other love songs. "Logan Braes", "Till Jamie Comes Hame" and "Thou Hast Left Me Ever Jamie" are seldom heard or recorded - mainly because the old Scottish folk tunes which Burns collected, and used, have failed to achieve that same blend of music and poetry. And of course, Burns himself never heard what is probably his best known love song, "My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose" with its current well known tune "Low Down in the Broom". It replaced the original tune, in 1821, a number of years after Burns' death.

In an attempt to popularise these beautiful love songs, I have composed new music for five songs - "Robin Adair", "Logan Braes", "Thou Hast Left Me Ever Jamie" "My Heart's in the Highlands" and "Till Jamie Comes Hame" and brought them together with the more traditional "O My Love is Like a Red, Red, Rose", "Ye Banks and Braes", "John Anderson My Jo", "Ca' the Yowes" and "Ae Fond Kiss" in a CD of Burns Love Songs "Burns, Banks and Braes" This site contains further information on these songs, as well as additional information on the "Robert Burns Love Song Project"

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